Funny School Psychologist Meme

I love memes apparently. That and GIFs, right? I’m in my early 40s at the moment, so I was probably a bit behind on discovering all these funny ways for people to use other people’s photos or videos to express themselves, but I love it.

Learning to make MEMES

In fact, learning to make memes was exactly how I started to learn how to make pins for Pinterest. I use a free app called inShot. Nope. I’m not affiliated or sponsored by inShot. I just like it for making pins and YouTube and other funny family videos. It’s really user friendly and I often make them while riding my home spin bike. Shhh! Now you know my secret to staying fit while being a full-time School Psychologist, blogger, entrepreneur, wife, and mom of three!!!

Being a School Psychologist

Our job as school psychologists can be TOUGH! To get through the day to day grind and stress, you definitely need a sense of humor. Having a sense of community with memes is also helpful. When I see a funny school psych meme on “the Gram”, as I call it, I feel the sense that I am not alone in this crazy job. Other psychs are also dealing with a mountain of reports and endless requests for more assessments, counseling, and behavior emergencies. All until that final marathon finish line on the last day of school.

Here are just some of the memes that I’ve enjoyed from others or made myself over the past few years.

(You can tell which ones are mine by the font generally. And, YES!… All memes that I have made are based on personal experiences as a School Psychologist. The rest I can just relate to. Have a laugh!

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