The Summit SEL 2023-2024 Annual Membership

Provide your ENTIRE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL with Social and Emotional Learning for TK through 6th Grades for $249!

The Summit SEL Membership is a Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum that is grade-specific and designed to provide developmentally appropriate SEL as a Tier 1 support for schools and classrooms. Each grade is divided into five essential topics that address areas of Social and Emotional well-being. With the annual membership, schools will gain access to the curriculum for their entire school (Grades Tk-6th). In addition, membership gives teachers access to a variety of behavior tools for the classroom, including Social Story Coloring Books and Behavior Systems. Membership also includes Tier 2 & 3 Resources for your school’s Counselor and Psychologist to provide small group and individual counseling services.

In this easy to use program, teachers in your school will be able to help their students students “hike” to the summit of SEL Mountain every year as they learn important skills needed for success in school…and beyond!

These skills include:

  1. Social Skills, such as making friends, playing with others, conflict resolution, communicating with others, teamwork and collaboration, and using empathy
  2. School readiness and learning skills, including transitioning in the classroom, listening to the teacher, executive functioning skills, growth mindset, and academic motivation
  3. Emotional Regulation, including skills such as using coping strategies, mindfulness, identifying emotional triggers, and anger management
  4. Behavior regulation
  5. Improving Self-Care and Self-Esteem

Here just a few of the included activities in the Summit SEL Program!

How do I enroll my school in the program?

The program is available through a purchase of an annual school membership to the 2023-2024 Summit SEL Membership Program.

With the annual membership, you will have access to all of the curriculum materials, including videos, worksheets, printable games, classroom behavior tools, social story coloring books, and other included activities that are in the Summit SEL program for Tier 1 SEL.

In addition, the membership will give your school-based counselor and/or school psychologist access to 30+ Tier 2 (small group) counseling materials that are individually for sale in the Counseling Fanny Pack of Fun store on Teachers pay Teachers.