Positive Thinking

Having confidence can be such an important factor in academic success. As a School Psychologist, I am constantly working with students on issues of self-esteem and negative thinking patterns when facing challenges. Many students develope anxiety about certain subjects or engage in avoidance behaviors because of their negative thinking patterns, which can be very powerful. Negative thoughts can lead to school avoidance, low self-esteem, aggression, and bullying.

When counseling students, it is important to retrain students to use positive thinking when facing challenges instead of negative thoughts. This will lead to them being able to better overcome academic difficulties and be patient with their learning. It takes time, instruction, and practice for children to learn to use positive thinking, as using negative thinking has become a habit that is hard to break. This is because jumping to the negative can feel much more comfortable than believing the positive for some people, not just kids.

One key to helping a student begin to believe in their mental ability to learn is to have them learn and use positive affirmations.

Positive Affirmation

Finding affirmations that they can believe in and say to themselves daily can be a great practice, and can really help in battling off the “I can’t” monster. It can even be like a mantra, which is a statement repeated frequently that is typically used to overcome an obstacle. In order to help them find their own mantra or use daily affirmations, it is helpful to have them feel connected to a positive affirmation that they like and can believe. This will help them better make it a daily habit that will lead to positive results and a more positive attitude towards learning.

Here are 50 positive Affirmations that can help support building ACADEMIC SELF-ESTEEM:

Motivational Quote
  1. I Eat Math Problems For Breakfast!
  2. I Am A Focused Student!
  3. I Am Getting Smarter Every Day!
  4. A Positive Mindset Will Be My Path To Success In School!
  5. Challenges Will Help Me Grow!
  6. I Will Keep Trying Until I Succeed
  7. I Can Do Anything If I Put My Mind To It!
  8. I Am Awesome At Trying Hard Things
  9. I Am A Responsible Student
  10. I Won’t Stress. I’ll Try My Best!
  11. Asking For Help Is The Path To Learning Success!
  12. I am Creative!
  13. Math Is My Friend!
  14. Today’s Reader Is Tomorrow’s Leader!
  15. I Defeat The “I Can’t” Monster Every Day
  16. I Believe In ME!
  17. I Will NOT Quit!
  18. Learning Hurdles Are Awesome For My Brain
  19. I am Doing My Best Every Day.
  20. I Can Change The World
  21. School Is Important To Me
  22. I Welcome Challenges.
  23. Learning Takes The Patience That I Have
  24. I Am Intelligent!
  25. I Am A Fast Learner!
  26. I Can Learn To Read With Speed
  27. I Am Brave Enough To Try Again
  28. I’ll Only Learn From Making Mistakes
  29. My Learning Journey Starts With The First Step
  30. Accepting Help Shows My Strength
  31. My Calm Mind Will Learn With Ease
  32. I Am Proud Of My Effort Every Day
  33. I Embrace Mistakes
  34. Learning Is My Super Power
  35. I Am Unstoppable!
  36. I Always Try To Do My Best
  37. I Won’t Just Try. I’ll DO!
  38. I Am Going To Reach My Goals!
  39. Learning Is Easy When I Try
  40. It’s OK If I Don’t Know Yet!
  41. I’m Going To Make Myself Proud Today
  42. Happiness Comes With The Journey. Not Just The Result.
  43. A Positive Attitude Is The Key To My Success!
  44. I Deserve All Of My Success In School
  45. I Won’t Stop Until I Reach My Goals
  46. I Ride The Success Train Every Day
  47. I Stay Positive No Matter What
  48. I Believe That I Am Super Smart
  49. I Am Exceptional!
  50. School Feels Good To Me

If you are a School Psychologist, Teacher, School Counselor, or Parent and would like an activity to do with your students using these positive affirmations, please check out my product below. It is an arts and crafts project for students to make and keep that will help remind them of using positive thinking daily.

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