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I recently got a new counseling student that I am providing counseling for Executive Functioning skills. Executive Functioning is Executive function is a set of mental skills that include working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. Of course, these are necessary skills for learning and being a successful student. But, students with ADHD, in particular, struggle with some or all of these skills. These are the kiddos that I support with counseling specifically to learn and apply Executive Functioning skills.

I have provided counseling previously to students to teach these skills, but I typically used other people’s workbooks and videos. It felt disorganized and of the 150 workbook, only 5 pages really applied to my students and taught any useful skills. When you are providing 6-8 weeks of counseling, or more, that is a lot of weeks without specific activities to teach Executive Functioning Skills. If you have read my other posts, you might have realized that it is important to be organized. It is also important for me to have engaging activities while providing instruction during my counseling activities.

Here are activities that are in the packet for 6+ Weeks of Executive Functioning Counseling Activities

Executive Functioning Counseling Packet

In this packet, there are a variety of targeted activities for teaching executive functioning skills. One of my main tools for counseling students are videos. After building a little rapport, using videos is often one of this first types of activities that I will use. I have 10 videos and will often pair a video or two with one of the worksheets activities.

Here are two of the videos that are included in my list of 10 videos that can help students learn about Executive Functioning and Organization skills:

Executive Functioning Video

Executive Function Self-Rating Scale

A self-rating scale is a useful tool to help figure out what areas of Executive Functioning your student specifically struggles with. Of course, children will sometimes admit no wrong. This can make self rating scales tricky. But before starting your counseling, you should already know what the issues are by talking to the child’s teacher and parent, so you can always guide them through the rating scale. In a recent session, I combined showing a video on executive functioning skills with completing the self-rating scale. This way, your student understands better what good vs. bad organization, listening, and time management skills look like. There is a score sheet and action plan also included in this activity.

Executive Functioning Self-Rating Scale

A Brief glance at the Worksheets to Target Specific Skills: Listening, Time Management, Scheduling, Sequencing, Etc.

Listening Skills
Time management

Putting skills into practice!

These worksheets are what it’s all about as far as practical skills. Does your student use his or her Agenda? How messy is his or her backpack? Does he or she have their binder organized well, using tabs, homework folders, etc.? While the worksheets focus on learning time management, listening skills, and thinking about sequences of events, these worksheets help you to guide discussion and taking action on getting organized. So, to use these 2 worksheets, have your student or students bring their backpacks to heir counseling session. And…get to organizing!

Organizing Backpack and Binder
Notebook organization

The Executive Functioning Game!

Executive Functioning Game

This game is a great way to end your 6-8 week counseling group. It helps students to think about what they have learned about Executive Functioning and what areas they may need to still work on. Plus, games are always a fun counseling activity. In this game, students roll the die and then are asked questions about organization or given a Executive Functioning task when they land on a “backpack.”

Executive Function Game

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This Video summarizes the 6 Week Packet also!

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