Parent Support Services

Do you have a child with behaviors at home and/or school that you would like some personalized coaching and support for?

Starting in 2024, I am offering my services as a coach for parents who are just not getting the support or advise that they need for their child from their school teams or through their doctor. If you’ve read my blogs, watched my videos, or used any of my counseling or behavior products, you hopefully know that I am an expert on using a variety or tools and strategies to help children extinguish challenging behaviors.

From school refusal to aggression and tantrums, I have helped many children, teachers, and their parents address behavioral concerns in order to improve areas of concern. Not just in schools, but in their homes. As a mother of three, I use strategies daily to help my children get their homework done, go to bed on time, treat each other kindly, and do their chores. Am I a perfect parent? Of course not. Are they perfect children? Of course not. But I do have the upper hand since I have years of experience when behavioral challenges occur.

My experience:

I have a combination of 17 years as a school psychologist and 12 years as a mom to three children. I can promise you that I have been in the trenches. As a School Psychologist, as I have worked with children with mild to severe disabilities and behavioral challenges. I have been hit, had things thrown at me, and chased after children eloping from school…all in one week sometimes. Yes, supporting children with behaviors is not easy!

I’ve also helped parents with more typical behavioral challenges, such as going to bed, separation anxiety, and resistance to doing homework. Just like their behaviors, every child is unique, with their own thoughts, histories, and abilities. How they developed their behavior is also unique and what motivates them to make positive changes will also be…unique.

I have also had many success stories, from students who would throw items in the classroom when angry, to others who would hide in the restroom all day and refuse to return to class. I’ve used different strategies and systems to improve these, and other types of behaviors. I’ve found that I can offer parents and teachers the perspective and skills that come with being both a behavior expert professionally, and an experienced parent. Sometimes all we need is a fresh perspective, an out-of-the-box idea, a few tools, and a new and consistent strategy to get things back on track.

How I can help you!

This is how I can help you and your child. I have the tools and experience to help coach and guide you by being an outside, yet experienced, perspective on solving behavioral difficulties.

If you would like a 40 Minute consultation about your child that will include me providing you with information, strategies, and personalized behavior tools to target your child’s behaviors, please complete this contact information form about yourself and your child’s behavioral challenges.

Fee: $90: Includes the following:

30-40 Minute Phone or Zoom Consultation

Strategies for home and/or school

Personalized Behavior Chart

Social Story coloring books

Worksheets to target area of need

Video links with strategies and instruction on area of need

Do you have a child with a disability or suspect a disability?

I can help you navigate the waters of Special Education. As a school psychologist for 17 years, I have attended over 1500 IEP meetings and I have written approximately 1000 psychoeducational reports! If you have questions about special education, want consultation on your child’s services, report or IEP document review, or other type of support for you and your child, I’d like to help.

Special Education Support Services Available:

Special Education Consultation and Parent Education

Review Assessment Reports

Review IEP Documents

IEP Meeting Coaching

Parent Advocacy and Communication Support with IEP Teams and School Districts

My initial phone consultation to learn more about you and your child is FREE!

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