School Psychologist Resources

Organizational Systems

Counseling Activity Log, Includes 2 spaces for goals

Use this log to track your students’ progress towards IEP goals.

Psycho-educational Report Assessment Checklist

Psychoeducational Report Forms and Documents

Autism Symptom Checklist/Comparison Sheet Ages 4-7

Use this form to help your data collection of students suspected with Autism Spectrum Disorder in grades TK -1 (may work for slightly older children as well). The form includes a column for typically developing children behaviors, children with Autism symptoms comparison, and Samples of the anecdotal data have been included but can be deleted and replaced with your own observations. This form can be useful when bringing a student to SST or discussing with a parent or teachers areas of concern.

General Education Behavior Support Plan or “Behavior Contract”

Easy to use Behavior Support Plan to help your school Student Success Team (SST) or other behavior teams address general education students with behavioral concerns. Can be completed with minimal observations and/or teacher input. Includes ideas for positive reinforcements, just check the boxes for both parent and home reinforcers.

Psycho-educational Report Teacher Observation Form “Teacher Summary Report”

Professional Developments and Parent Education


This is a parent education presentation to help them think long-term about culturing a home environment, expectations, and financial planning for their children to be “College Bound”. This presentation hits all of the buttons on what parents need to know to foster a child who is a good student, cares about their education, and is “college bound.”

Some topics include: Fostering Independence, fostering personal non-academic interests and hobbies, helping build children with self-discipline, tips for homework support, communication, creating a positive learning environment at home, the importance of sleep and family time, talking about the future and college (now), technology pros and cons, social media (not a pro-social media opinion (fyi), research/discussion on video games, costs of college, and planning for College savings.

Stress Management Power Point Workshop

Classroom, Professional Development, or Counseling group presentation on Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques. Maybe 30-40 minutes.