The Making Good Choices Board Game for Behaviors



Work on teaching your counseling students about Making Good Choices! This is a good topic for students with behavioral difficulties, poor emotional regulation, anger management, deficits in social skills, and the list goes on! Always remind students that they are not “bad”, but sometimes they are not making “good choices.”

This is a gameboard activity, so it’s good for small group counseling or SEL rotations in the classroom. It can also be played in individual counseling sessions, of course!

To Play:

Prep-print, laminate (recommended for long lasting use) and attach gameboard together with hole-punching and strings. I always make it so that I can fold up my printable gameboards and store in a folder or accordion binder.

Then print and cut out the game cards.

Use a single dice and have students roll on their turn. If they land on a Star, read the stressful situation card and have them share a good choice solution to that situation.

If they land on an “X”, then read the “bad choice” card and have them move back a space.

And have FUN while facilitating discussions on “good” vs. “bad” choices.