Size of Problems Gameboard; Big Deal / Little Deal for Emotional Regulation



Help students with learning about the “Size of Problems”, or “Bid Deal vs. Little Deal”. This topic of counseling can help students who are struggling with learning to manage their emotions. With this fun and easy gameboard counseling activity, students will think about if different stressful situations are a “Big Deal” or a “Little Deal”. Then they will give an appropriate emotional or behavioral response in order to move up a space.

Use the game for teaching skills, discussion of their own experiences, and with reinforcing lessons that you have given on the “Size of Problems.”


Shuffle all Situation Cards and Big/Little Deal behavior cards.

Place the Situation Cards face down in on the gameboard labeled “Situation Cards” and the “Big/Little Deal” cards face down on their black square on the gameboard.

To Play:

Have students roll one die at a time. Youngest player starts first and goes clockwise for all other players.

If they land on a STAR pull a situation card and read it. Have the student answer if the situation is a BIG or Little Deal. Then have the share an appropriate emotional or behavioral response to the Situation. If the counselor agrees with the response, then the player can move up one space. Their turn is then over, even if they are now on another star or X.

If the student lands on an X, pull a card from the Big Deal/Little Deal Pile. If the card has an , it is a Big Emotional Response and the student has to move Back one space. Their turn is then over.

Play until everyone is at the finish line.

Have FUN!