Expected Behaviors Emotional Regulation Card Game



Help teach your students about Expected vs. Unexpected Behaviors with this fun and easy card game. Good for 2-4 players in a small group or play in an individual counseling session as the other player. Lots of students struggle with their emotional regulation. This often leads to behavioral issues and making unsafe choices, elopement, emotional outbursts, and aggression. This game makes teaching kids about which choices are Expected in a variety of situation fun and engaging.


To play:

Deal out all of the Expected and Unexpected cards to each student, face down. Then put the situation cards face down in the middle. Flip over the top situation card for each round. It will either indicate an “E” for Expected or “U” for Unexpected.

The students then flip over their top card and the counselor or students read it. The students who have a behavior that matches the situation cards “E” or “U” win the point for that round. Play until the session time runs out, or the situation cards run out. Your choice!