Coping Skills FUN and EASY Card Game



Help your students with learning COPING SKILLS in your counseling sessions with this fun and easy card game. Good for students with a variety of emotional and behavioral difficulties related to poor emotional regulation. Very low prep. Just print and cut out cards to play. Use individually with one student, or in a small group.

For 2-4 Players

To play:

Shuffle all Situation and Positive/Negative Coping Skills Cards and place the Situation Cards face down in the middle of the table. There are 40 Situation cards with a variety of stressful school and peer related scenarios.

Then deal out all of the Positive/Negative Coping Skills Cards face down in front of all players.

For each round, flip one situation card and read it to the students. The students will then flip over the card on the top of their own pile and read it (or the counselor can read it) aloud and decide if it is a positive or negative coping strategy.

If the Situation card indicates an ā€œPā€ for a Positive Coping Strategy, the students with a Positive Coping Skills card earn a point. If the card indicated an ā€œNā€ for Negative Coping Skills, then the students with a Negative Coping Skill card earn a point. Use the score card to keep score for each game.