Appropriate vs. Inappropriate BEHAVIORS Card Game


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Work on Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Behaviors in your Counseling sessions with this easy to play, low-prep card game. Just print and cut out the cards and start the game. Great for facilitating discussions in counseling about which behaviors are appropriate in school and which are not. Can help with a variety of students who struggle with social skills, emotional regulation, and behavior.

Good for both individual and small group counseling.

To Play:

Shuffle all Situation and Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Behavior Cards and place the Stressful Situation Cards face down in the middle of the table.

Then deal out all of the Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Behavior Response Cards face down in front of all players.

For each round, flip one situation card and read it to the students. The students will then flip over the card on the top of the pile and read it (or the counselor can read it) aloud. Have the student share if the behavior is “Appropriate” or “Inappropriate”.

If the Situation card indicates an “A” for Appropriate Behaviors, the students with an Appropriate Behavior card earns a point. If the card indicated an “I” for Inappropriate Behavior Card, then the students with an Inappropriate Behavior card earns a point.