I’m beyond irritated today as I scrolled in my Google News feed to learn that the idiot school districts and politicians in Florida want to “ban” Social and Emotional Learning. It’s like children (who then turn into adults, by the way) in Florida don’t have behavioral issues, emotional struggles, trauma, grief, stress, or difficulties forming relationships with others???

Um, I’m pretty sure that Florida is often in the news for having a serious drug and substances abuse epidemic. Sure the weather is nice, but Florida is always in the news for it’s citizens doing crazy things on drugs or in a mental health crisis. My local morning radio station show even dedicates a segment to what crazy SH** a FLORIDIAN did in the news.

What EXACTLY is Social and Emotional Learning?

And What Can It Do?

If your a teacher, administrator, counselor, or school psychologist, like myself, you know that kids have behaviors. From screaming, crying, hitting, and even throwing chairs and desks, it can get WILD in the classroom. Social and Emotional Learning is the instruction and tools to help growing adults (a.k.a. “children”) learn how to manage their emotions, control their behaviors, learn skills for learning (a.k.a. the purpose of education), and learn how to get along with others so that they can become productive citizens of our society in… AMERICA and… The WORLD.

“SEL” is simply the information and practices related to learning about emotions and social skills that teachers and school-based counselors can share and provide their students at school. This is important because many children do not typically receive direct instruction about emotions or social skills in their home environments. Sure my children do, but I’m a damn school psychologist! Are your politicians or school beard members in Florida? I have my doubts.

Other Reasons to Provide SEL in Schools

Another reason SEL should be provided in school is that school is where children have daily challenging experiences that help them to develop cognitively, academically, socially, and emotionally, whether politicians like it or not. This is because school is CHALLENGING! School is where kids have to do hard things. In case your an adult reading this, school was hard for YOU TOO when you were a kid! School is where kids learn to navigate feelings stress, have conflicts with others, and develop work ethic and responsibility through their daily school experiences.

If children do not learn to use strategies to regulate their emotions or cooperate with others, they might not develop the skills needed for the work force of today. Even kids with trust funds can be unemployable Mr. Florida governor. Do we want our kids coping with their emotions by using drugs, committing crimes to fund drug habits, or even worse…living with us until their 40? I think not.

In contrast at home, children are typically provided minimal opportunities for having cognitive or other types of challenging demands placed on them. They also don’t often have frequent social interactions that require cooperation and problem solving, even for children with siblings. Sure they might have chores and have to follow home rules. But home is a place that is less structured and more relaxed, WHICH IS FINE! Home should be a place to feel comfortable and have less stressful demands placed on them. Yes, parents should definitely establish rules, have discipline, and have daily routines. In fact, homes without these three components often lead to the children who have behavioral difficulties at school, quite honestly. But, home should mostly be a place where there isn’t quite as much structure, stress, and routines as they have in the school environment.

Enough Ranting Suzy! On to the the FREE STUFF!

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