This beach ball is where it all began. Many years ago, I began counseling Middle School students who were in a program for students with Emotional Disturbance. I quickly realized that I did not have enough counseling materials, activities, worksheets, or games in my “tool box”. I had a few counseling games in my office, but they quickly got old.

So, I started doing research on activities, videos, and games that I could print or use for free mostly. One day, I found a website that talked about using a beach ball for a questions game. It was more of a rapport building type game, with questions like “What is your favorite movie?” I decided to copy that idea, but make my questions about “Anger.” I bought a beach ball. Made my questions. And then played the game for my group therapy session. It was a hit! The kids got a little wild at times with the ball, but they enjoyed the activity and participated well.

The rest, as they say, is history. I found joy in creating my own games, worksheets, and with finding the “perfect” counseling videos for my students. It was a renewed joy in being a School Psychologist that can get lost over the many years of report writing and deadlines. This blog also brings me joy in my profession, as I enjoy mentoring new school psychologists and sharing my ideas, tips, and self-made products with others. I hope you, my readers find my blogs helpful in guiding you in your profession as school psychologists or counselors as well.