So many games, so little counseling sessions

Yeah right! As a school psychologist I am often counseling students on IEPs weekly…for an entire school year! Before I started making my own games, worksheets, and other activities, I was stressing out week to week, as my students dwindled down my low supply stash of games and activities. This was before TpT even existed, so any fun in counseling that my students had was purely physical board games that I purchased for $30 a pop. Hence the low supply.

As I started my journey of converting regular games, such as Jenga and UNO into focused counseling activities, my supply increased exponentially. Having something novel, fun, and instructional to do that can help target my students’ counseling goals is never a problem for me anymore. Yippie!

Are you looking for some fresh game activities to do with your counseling students?

Here are a few of the many games that I have created to support helping my students, and YOURS with COPING SKILLS! Just click on the pictures to learn more about the game…all under $5!

1. Coping Skills JENGA

2. Coping Skills Candy Land

3. Coping Skills BINGO

Coping Skills BINGO on YouTube

4. Coping Skills UNO

5. Coping Skills Playing Cards

Coping Skills Original Card Game

7.The Coping Skills Board Game

8. The Wheel of Colors Coping Skills Game

All of these GAMES, plus Art Activities, Social Stories, Worksheets, and Videos for a FULL COPING SKILLS CURRICULUM!