Kids on computer

In the Spring of 2020 we were all put into a position that had some of us running for the hills and other hiding under the covers. That’s right, counseling students over Zoom! It was a steep learning curve for most, or all, of us. We had to be creative, think outside of the box, and learn new skills, all while feeling extreme stress of the unknown of COVID. Well, here we are, two years later, and some of us liked providing telehealth counseling so much that we are doing it….by choice! Well, good for you! For some children, you are the help that they need in learning coping skills, emotional regulation, and many other social and emotional skills that they are unable to get in person for one reason or another.

If you are just getting started with teletherapy counseling, please check out my blog post on my tips for teletherapy counseling.

During Spring of 2020 I went through a lot of growth as a creator of counseling games, worksheets, and provider in general. At first, I was attempting using my regular games from my office via Zoom or putting videos on skills in my student’s “Counseling Google Classroom” that I created for each student.” To play games I would use my own playing cards. It worked for a few weeks, but I quickly felt like I was running out of activities. Eventually, I converted several of my games into Power Point slide versions that could be played over share screen.

Here are a few of my games for you to check out and see if they can help you provide counseling services via Zoom.

The first if for building rapport and getting to know your students. The other games are for topics that include Anger Management, Self-Esteem, Empathy, Positive Thinking, and Conflict Resolution.

Anger Management Game
Self Esteem Card Game
Positive Thinking Game
Conflict Resolution Game