Emotional Regulation Workbook

Do you counsel students with poor Emotional Self-Regulation?

Emotional Self-Regulation is probably the main area that I provide counseling for. Poor Emotional Regulation is when someone (you student) has difficulty with controlling their emotions, impulsivity, and behaviors related to their trouble controlling their feelings.

Most of my students that receive counseling for this issue have behavioral concerns. They hit peers, yell in the classroom, and even throw things (chairs, water bottles, pencils, etc.) when frustrated or angry.

Here are some helpful tools that I have in my packet for Emotional Self-Regulation. Some of the items can be purchased individually in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, but this packet includes them all. If used as a packet, there should be 8 or more weeks worth of counseling lessons and activities related to Emotional Self-Regulation.

1) Emotional Regulation and Anger: Lessons with Worksheets

In my Emotional Self-Regulation Counseling Activities book I have several different lessons and worksheets. One lesson is on Emotional Regulation. The other lessons and worksheet topics are for are specifically anger and calming strategies.

2) Videos

This list of videos can add additional weeks to your counseling group. Use videos to help start discussions about emotions, anger control, and calming strategies.

3) Counseling Games for Practicing Self-Regulation

Here is the game that is included in the Emotional Self-Regulation Activity Pack.

4) Books, Stories, and Social Stories

In the Counseling Self-Regulation Activity Packet I included a story called “The Bad Day.” (See below) With the story, there are two follow-up reflection worksheets.

Social Stories

You can always make your own social story for your students specific scenario. Below is an article on how to make your own. I also have a few coloring book social stories that I have made for a few types of emotional and behavioral difficulties that I have encountered over the years. Social stories are helpful because they help the child relate to the character in the story.

5) Calming Tools:

Calming Helper Tool & Anger Thermometer

Provide this Calming Helper Tool to help support students with using coping skills in the classroom. It can be printed for one-time use, or laminated and used repetitively (with dry-erase marker) by students who experience anxiety during their day. Use with videos on square breathing technique and other coping skill instructional content.

Anger Thermometer

This Anger Thermometer is for students to use as a communication tool that they are experiencing elevated levels of frustration or emotion in the classroom. I even laminate it! It is not included in the packet, but I wanted to include it because it’s a great tool.

Includes a link YouTube video on understanding the size of emotions and strategies to use when feeling elevated emotions.

Thermometer has levels with descriptive words and pictures to help students identify their own emotions and self-regulation. I use this with many of my clients that have difficulty with self-regulation and anger management.

All of these Empathy games and worksheets are available in my new handbook (available starting April 2022), The School Psych’s Handbook for the Best School Year EVER!

Available as PDF download on Teachers Pay Teachers in my store, Counseling Fanny Pack of Fun. Just click below to learn more!

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