Videos Monthly List

Are you a teacher or counselor providing general Social-Emotional Learning, or SEL, to your whole classroom? If so, videos are a fun, quick, and relatively easy way to provide SEL on a frequent basis! But, researching the perfect videos that are age appropriate and actually good takes time. If you are looking for an easy way to provide videos on a weekly or monthly basis, please check out my Videos list (seen above) for a school year’s worth of videos, organized by monthly topic. There are 7-8 Videos per month.

Here are the topics themes organized by month:

  • August & September: School Based Skills-Listening, Following Directions, behavior at school
  • October: Learning about emotions
  • November: Social skills: Playing with others and personal space
  • December: Social Skills: Empathy, friendship & manners
  • January: Growth mindset and positive thinking
  • February: coping skills and Zones of Regulation
  • March: Mindfulness
  • April: Controlling Anger and Emotional Regulation
  • May: Self-control
  • June: showing respect and bullying

If you are looking for just 20 of my over 80 Videos recommendations for Tk-2nd Grades, here are some good ones from the list!

School Based Skills-Listening, Following Directions, & Behavior at School

It’s Hard to Be Five

Learning About Emotions

Emotions Video
Learning Emotions

Social Skills: Playing with Others and Personal Space

Social Skills Video
Personal Space Video

Social Skills: Empathy, Friendship & Manners
Social Skills Video
Mrs. Manners Says Game-Video

Growth Mindset and Positive Thinking

Growth Mindset Video
Positive Affirmations

Coping Skills and Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation
Coping Skills for Kids


Zen Den Mindfulness
Mindfulness Meditation

Controlling Anger and Emotional Regulation

Controlling Anger
Little Critter


Sloth Self-Control
Star Smores Self-Control Video

Showing Respect and Bullying

Self-Control Video

For Tons More SEL Activities for Your Classroom…

For a complete Activity Book for the school year that includes all of the Videos from the list, plus tons of worksheets, games, and social stories, please check out my new book, Social and Emotional Learning for the Classroom Made EASY (Grades Tk-2)!

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  • 9 Games
  • 7 Restorative Circles Themed Topics (80 questions)