SEL Videos List

I really like to use videos for my counseling sessions every few weeks. Yes, it makes for an easier counseling session for the most part. But, with the perfect video, I can facilitate a therapy session that can be really productive. The right video is one that is specific to the age of the student, specific skill that they are in need of developing, and can help teach something novel.

There are a few reasons to use videos instead of just talking about a child’s issues or giving them a worksheet activity. The first is that it provides information that the student may have heard from you already, but in an entertaining format. Kids like and respond well to information presented as a cartoon, peer talking, or fun song. Children find it much more fun to watch a video than listen to a grown up (a.k.a. you).

However, you don’t have to stay silent. Use the videos to ask questions and help facilitate discussion during your sessions. Just pause it when something comes up that can help you formulate a question, or bring up a similar situation that your student had during the week. Now that’s good counseling. 

1. Pop the Negative talk:

This videos helps explain what negative self talk is. It normalizes the negative thinking patters and shows how to replace it by “popping” their negative talk bubbles. Then explains positive self-talk.

2. Keeping Calm – Building Resilience with Hunter and Eve:

This video is for K-3 students mostly. It shows an example to feeling scared and gives a strategy of controlled breathing.

3. Mindfulness Coloring Song

This is a cute song that can go along with a discussion of the benefits of mindfulness coloring. I love counseling sessions where we just listen to calm and happy music and just color.

4. Thought Bubbles Mindfulness for Children 4 min

This is a short meditation for children. It starts with a short explanation of thought bubbles.


This is a very focused video on teaching a great strategy for self-regulation. I made a corresponding “Calming Helper Tool” below to go along with this video. I will often show the video to my students, and then give them the tool to use on their own in the classroom after their session.
Calming Helper Tool

6. (3-5 )Mindful 5 minute breathing exercise

This is a short mindfulness meditation that students can do sitting up.

7. Grades (K-3) Meltdown Compilation: Stress Relief for Kids-Learning Breathing for Relaxation

This video is a compilation of several types of mindfulness practice. Students generally like to watch it, not just listen, for the instruction of how to breath.

8. (K-2) Yoga for kids with animals – Smile and Learn

This Yoga video is for younger children mostly. Animals do beginning Yoga poses.

9. Two minutes Mindfulness: Balloon Breaths/Belly Breaths – Breathing exercise for Children

This is another very short breathing instructional exercise to teach deep breathing as a calming strategy.

10. Safe House Chill Pill for Calm: A guided visualization story

Have students learn about guided visualization with this short video.

11. The Balance Breath – Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise I Mindfulness for classrooms

This calming strategy is an amazing tool for students to learn. It really works and is easy to learn and practice.

 12. Zen Den- 7 minute video on Mindfulness

One of the best videos that I use quite often to teach students about mental health and “Mindfulness.”

13. Feel more optimistic 10 minute Guided Meditation

This is a 10 minute meditation that students should do laying down if possible. It is just long enough to help them relax and learn the benefits of using mindfulness meditation.

14. Deep breathing for kids.

This video has a pediatrician talk to kids about how to do deep breathing.

15. Popcorn the Dolphin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

This Yoga video is another Cosmic Kids video. Yoga is another great tool that students can learn to calm their bodies and minds.